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Here at American Metal Cleaning we pride ourselves in restoration. From small nuts & bolts - to precious, antique vehicles - - we put the same care and focus in each project. Big or small. Industrial or Home. Have something you need cleaned? Call us for the job!


We have the experience and technology to offer incredible in-house cleaning services for industries using a number of different techniques. What we can clean for you: heat exchangers, paint/powder coat rejects, pumps & fuel tanks, electric cabinets, molds & dies, nuts & bolts. 


Everything from antique cars, truck bodies, frames and all other metal parts. Antique car enthusiasts and restoration companies appreciate our detailed cleaning process.


We save you money and time by reviving old rusty, painted metal items that would be too costly to replace. Some of the miscellaneous items we have cleaned for customers: bicycles, cast iron griddles, tools, grease & exhaust filters, outdoor metal furniture, metal handrails & railings, and more!

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